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The Wolf Upstairs (NL)

HIC SVNT LEONES. There be lions.

Freely translated, this Roman saying is at the heart of what The Wolf Upstairs is about.

The two friends met at a club night in Amsterdam and discovered each other’s interest in music. However it would take some time before the spark would ignite.

Months later playing at the same party they teamed up as they found their musical choices were very similar but The Wolf was still a cub at this point.

As ADE loomed on the horizon the, by now, very close friends decided their collaboration needed a name and they should combine their strengths. The result is a unique combination of darker, melancholic and touching melodies inspired by Niels’ classical background and groovy, musical and catchy four to the floor beats inspired by Berend’s house past.

Their work has seen them perform live- as well as dj-sets at some of Amsterdam’s premiere venues and festivals. They have been featured on national radio multiple times and with a selection off original releases and remixes for big artists there seems no stopping The Wolf.

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