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Marcel Freigeist (DE)

“The sound of Berlin”

Marcel “Freigeist” , born in West-Berlin, has always had a love affair with creating his own sound, but it would be a little while until he would discover and devote himself to the Techno subculture.

He distinctively remembers that it was 2006 when he first got in touch with (or perhaps more fitting: was touched by) electronic music. It was the life-changing experience of attending the Loveparade festival in Berlin that would unleash his unfading love for Techno and House.

Over time, his own style became more and more refined, which he now refers to as dark melodic House and Techno. This creates a signature sound along the lines of “everything is possible” and “let the flow roll”.

Marcel’s has some of the best clubs at his portfolio, such as Watergate (DE), Sisyphos (DE), Wilde Renate (DE), Canal Mills (UK), Rote Sonne (DE), Moog (ESP), Social (FR), Chicago Social Club (NL), Toffler (NL) and that’s just the beginning.

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